Dennis Rodman doesn’t understand the Lebron-Jordan debate: « If Michael was playing today, he was shooting 50 points a game

Dennis Rodman

The old guys are pretty chatty these days and the latest one is Dennis Rodman. He talked about what Michael Jordan would do in today’s league. 50 points per game right?


We’ll never know what would have happened since it won’t happen . For Dennis Rodman on the other hand, his former Bulls teammate, Michael Jordan, would shoot 50 points per game. Does that mean that a 40 point game would be an underperformance for MJ? Let’s be serious for a minute. There is no problem with saying that Michael Jordan is one of the best scorers in the history of the NBA. However, over an entire season, seeing MJ score so many points, night after night, he who is not necessarily a 3-point artist, there is reason to doubt it. Not for Rodman:

« If Michael played today, he would shoot 50 points. He would shoot 50 points a game. Lebron is a tremendous talent. He’s probably one of the top 3 players in history. But I don’t know what the debate is about the GOAT.

In addition to praising Michael Jordan, Dennis Rodman also said that Jordan was the best player in history, well ahead of Lebron James. ESPN must have had a lot of fun during his appearance on Rachel Nichols’ show.


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