D-1: Kobe Bryant will enter the hall of fame this Saturday, May 15, He will be introduced by Michael Jordan

Kobe Bryant

More than a year after his death, Kobe Bryant will soon be the subject of a new tribute. The former Lakers player will soon be inducted into the NBA Hall of Fame. The person in charge of the presentation of the late basketball player is none other than Michael Jordan himself.


The ceremony will be held on May 15

On January 26, 2020, Kobe Bryant, forty-one years old, lost his life in a helicopter accident in Calabasas. Eight other people lost their lives in this tragic event, including the daughter of the former Lakers player, Gianna. A little over a month after Kobe’s death, Michael Jordan gave a moving speech to pay tribute to his friend. On May 15, His Airness will deliver another one. This time, it will be the introduction of the five-time NBA champion to the Hall of Fame of the North American league.

Member of the 2020 vintage, Kobe Bryant will be honored posthumously. The ceremony will take place several months after its initial date, due to the health crisis related to the coronavirus. As tradition dictates, each new entrant must be introduced by a member of the HoF. For Kobe, it will be Air Jordan. Two former NBA players will also make their introduction in this prestigious circle: Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett. They will be represented by David Robinson and Isiah Thomas respectively.


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