Comedian ‘Druski’ on why he likes LeBron over Jordan: “LeBron doesn’t stay away from Black people like Jordan.”


Comedian Druski picks LeBron James as his GOAT by making a controversial comment about Michael Jordan.


The debate about who is the greatest basketball player of all time always comes down to LeBron James and Michael for most fans. Although the majority picks Michael Jordan as their GOAT, there are a lot of people who think LeBron James should be considered the GOAT over Jordan.

There are different reasons why the crowd is divided between LeBron James and Michael Jordan. Recently comedian Druski appeared for an interview with NBA analyst Shannon Sharpe. During the interview, Druski was asked about his thoughts on who is the GOAT between the two legends of the sport.

Druski picked LeBron James as his GOAT. The reason he gave was that the Los Angeles Lakers superstar has always been connected with the black community, unlike Jordan.

« I’m big on LeBron. I like the way he got his whole career going and the way he’s just a social person. He’s not like Jordan and doesn’t like people and staying away from, the black people and stuff. No shade. It’s one of those things where people wanted to love him, and I think especially our people, because we buy all his stuff. Everything. Maybe I’m judging a book by its cover, I don’t know. »

Usually, when people make their pick for the GOAT, they take a look at the career comparison between LeBron and Jordan. However, Druski has a completely different reason for why he thinks LBJ is his GOAT.

LeBron James And Michael Jordan Have Both Done A Lot For The Black Community
Considering both LeBron and Jordan come from the black community, they have helped black people in their own ways. While LeBron’s I Promise school is a great initiative by him to help at-risk children, Jordan has helped his community in a different way.

Michael Jordan’s shoe brand once donated a whopping $100 million to the black community. These are just a few examples of how the two NBA superstars have given back to their community.

At the end of the day, Druski’s views may differ from many out there, and he is certainly entitled to pick James as the GOAT. But he could have come up with a different argument.

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