Chris Webber: « Allen Iverson was a better athlete than even Michael Jordan! »

Chris Webbe

Chris Webber lavishes some massive praise onto his former teammate with the Philadelphia 76ers, Allen Iverson.


The man was listed at 6’0” by the NBA. But, let’s be honest, he was barely 5’11” on a good day. And yet, he made the knees of even the top defenders in the league quake during his hay-day.

He wasn’t even one of those players that took time to adjust to the league’s quality. In fact, he was so good from the get-go, he earned Michael Jordan’s respect from the very first game they played together.

But, you already knew that. So how about we talk about yet another legend who was from MJ’s era. Someone who was actually compared to His Airness, to the point where he took it personal.

Let’s talk about Chris Webber and his thoughts on Allen Iverson.

Best athlete?

Allen Iverson had some incredible hops and agility, yes. But this man competed with Michael Jordan. That is a player who literally had his shoe called “Air Jordan” named after his athleticism.

But, perhaps that is a testament to how amazing a player Allen Iverson was in his prime. And, in our opinion at least, he will always be the greatest undersized player of all time.


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