Charles Barkley Says LeBron Isn’t Even Past Kobe In GOAT Debate, Richard Jefferson Then Turned Chuck’s Point Against Him

Charles Barkley

During yet another take on the never-ending GOAT debate, Charles Barkley raised some eyebrows when he put Kobe Bryant over LeBron James, due to LeBron having ‘stacked teams’.


In response to Barkley ranking Jordan and Bryant above LeBron James, Richard Jefferson took Chuck’s exact reason to rank LeBron lower and turned it against him.

“In all fairness Chuck is right. Lebron didn’t get drafted to a team with shaq like Kobe. Cavs never found pippin in Bron’s first 8 years because he was too good they never drafted that high. Ps… Charles got drafted to a team with Dr.J, Moses Malone and 2 other hall of famers. I see his point though.”


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