Charles Barkley says he’s not putting LeBron James over Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant due to ‘stacked’ teams (video)

Charles Barkley

NBA legend and TNT analyst Charles Barkley had an interesting take on his greatest players in NBA history.


Barkley claimed that he would take Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant over LeBron James because of the teammates James has had in his career.

“The reason I put Michael up there before those other guys. LeBron has stacked his teams,” Barkley said. “Let’s be realistic.”

James, a four-time champion, last won a title with the Los Angeles Lakers during the 2019-20 NBA season.

There’s no denying the greatness of some of James’ teammates, which included Dwyane Wade, Kyrie Irving, Chris Bosh, Kevin Love, Anthony Davis and Ray Allen, but that shouldn’t completely disqualify him from the running.

Jordan, a six-time champion, has his argument as well, but Barkley seems to be taking the easy way out in this debate.

James and the Lakers are looking to bounce back and win the title next season with a new and improved roster.


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