Charles Barkley DECLARES Tom Brady’s accomplishments ‘unparalleled’ and greater than LeBron James and Michael Jordan

Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley joined Dan Patrick on the Dan Patrick Show, where he talked about Tom Brady’s career.


The eleven-time NBA All-Star Charles Barkley has declared that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Tom Brady‘s NFL career accomplishments are unparalleled and way better than the likes of NBA legends Michael Jordan and LeBron James. Barkley appeared in a recent episode of the Dan Patrick show, where he made the NBA-NFL comparison.

While speaking on the Dan Patrick Show, Barkley was questioned about who he thinks was accomplished in their sports between the LA Lakers star LeBron James and Tom Brady. To which he answered without hesitation that it was the Buccaneers’ quarterback. “Tom Brady. We shall appreciate Tom Brady more,” Barkley said in a recent episode of the Dan Patrick Show. “Number one, 10 Super Bowls is incredible, but the thing that’s crazy why I put football accomplishment ahead of basketball accomplishments is you know, every game in the NFL is a one-game-you-out, you’re done.

Barkley, who is a basketball legend himself and has an accomplished career, sees the comparison from a basketball player’s perspective and gave an honest answer. The 76ers legend has been to 11 All-Star and has been named an All-NBA player a whopping 11 times during his stupendous 16-seasons-long career. Furthermore, he has won the league MVP one time and has been named to the NBA’s 50th and 75th-anniversary teams.

Charles Barkley explains why Tom Brady is better than LeBron James and Michael Jordan

After his LeBron-Brady comparison, Barkley also explained why he believes the 15-time Pro Bowler is way better than the two NBA legends, Michael Jordan and LeBron James.

“[In the NBA] If you got Kareem, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Kobe, LeBron, Michael, you got the best player in every game, you can lose one game, you can lose two games, you can actually lose three games, but to have every game be a Game 7?” said Barkley about Brady. “To have every game be a Game 7, I think what Tom Brady accomplished, his career is unparalleled.”

Furthermore, Barkley also said that Brady is better than Jordan, but it’s not just because of his career accomplishments. “Now listen I love Michael and Tiger [Woods], but no bodies ever said those are some really nice guys… Tom Brady and Wayne Gretzky are the two GOATS that are like wow those are really nice guys,” said Barkley on the Dan Patrick show.

Well, from Barkley’s perspective, it might be true, but many others would argue that playing potentially 28 playoff games to win a championship in the NBA might be a little harder than playing four games to win the Championship in the NFL.


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