Channing Frye Doesn’t Believe Michael Jordan Myths of Today’s NBA

Michael Jordan

Channing Frye joined Complex’s Load Management podcast and chimed in about Michael Jordan myths of today, “People say Jordan would average 50 [today] . . . You’re drunk! 50 f***g points? Look at James Harden, he can’t even average 40.” Not only the points average, but Frye says Jordan isn’t winning 6 NBA championships in this era.


A friendly reminder for Frye, who always compares Michael Jordan to James Harden scoring-wise, MJ between 1986-1988 had an incomparable scoring run that separates him from everyone else, including today’s scorers like Durant and Harden.

His plays evoked memories of Wilt Chamberlain. When he scored 61 points against Atlanta Hawks in 1987, he became the only player than Wilt to score 3000 in a single season and score 50 or more points three consecutive games. Not forget to mention how hard scoring was in the 80s, the same night, he scored Bulls final 17 points of the second quarter and first six of the third to break his own NBA record for most consecutive points with 23 in a row.

His best scoring games from 1986/1987 season: 61 x2, 58, 56, 53 x2, 50 x2.

Source: oldskoolbball


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