Ben Taylor: « The offensive GOAT is Curry, he dwarfs Jordan, Kobe and LeBron »

Monstrous offensively this season, Stephen Curry continues to mark the history of the league and the Warriors. So much so that some NBA analysts are questioning his place among the best offensive players in history. One of them did not hesitate to put him ahead of two sacred monsters of basketball.


If Golden State had not been so moribund collectively (28-28, 9th in the West), Stephen Curry would certainly have been an MVP candidate again this season. Winning night after night with a stratospheric stats line (30.7 points at 42.4% from distance, 5.6 rebounds and 6 assists per game), the Chief offers us a magnificent comeback after a last year marked by physical problems (5 games played in 2019-2020).

Always as skillful on the floor, the point guard regales us with historic perfs, dusting off again this Thursday a 55 years old record. The now leading scorer in GS history is clearly one of the greatest offensive players since the beginning of the 21st century, with a style of play that ravages everything in its path. At 33 years old, Steph has the Hall of Fame in his sights once his career is over.

But where to place the Warrior among the best NBA forwards of all time? An extremely complicated question, because it is very subjective and therefore likely to vary depending on the person. For analyst Ben Taylor, on the other hand, the question does not even arise. During his podcast Thinking Basketball, he said that in his opinion, Curry will eventually surpass legends like Michael Jordan and LeBron James:

If I were to give a decisive argument, then Curry might have the best weapons. One of the great lessons of the last decade has been that a 6’1″ Davidson-trained guy is talked about as a possible better offensive player than Michael Jordan. Based on stats and video… of the whole lot, Curry is the one with the best chance of eclipsing Jordan, Magic and LeBron offensively.

A very strong statement, and one that is sure to be debated. However, if he started at a lower level than his Majesty and LBJ, the Chief has since reached peaks in terms of offensive production. Except for his last season, truncated by injuries, the point guard has not fallen below the 25-point average since 2015. All this while shooting at percentages that defy the chronicle.

This last point is particularly noteworthy. Unlike Jordan and LeBron, Curry’s game is not based on penetration, but on shooting. Already considered the best long-range shooter of all time, the Bay Area player has revolutionized the NBA style of play in just a few years. This kind of profile is rare, and totally justifies his place among the greatest.


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