Barkley explains why Jordan and Kobe are ahead of LeBron… and gets slaughtered


Charles Barkley does not take a vacation! After the end of the NBA season, Chuck is already back in the media and he made a bold statement. According to him, LeBron James will never be at the level of Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant.


While the off-season is in full swing, with a lot of signings and especially a huge 5-team trade that will change many dynamics in the NBA, while the Olympics are particularly pleasant and promise us a dream finale, Charles Barkley has not found better than to get involved in the debate between LeBron James and Michael Jordan for the title of GOAT.

And the Suns and Sixers legend gave a more than clear-cut opinion on the matter: for him the King is behind MJ and Kobe Bryant, and he will remain so forever, no matter how many titles he wins by the end of his career. He elaborated on his thoughts in the HBO show « Back On The Record ».

I pick Michael Jordan over LeBron every day. LeBron is amazing, what he does socially too. But honestly, I wouldn’t even put him ahead of Kobe Bryant. I want to stay objective. The reason I put Michael at the very top is because LeBron has always built superteams. Let’s keep it real.

For Charles Barkley the situation is very simple: LeBron James will never pass Michael Jordan because of the way he forms his workforce. An analysis that makes sense and seems thoughtful, but that has not at all more to Richard Jefferson, champion with Cleveland in 2017. He made it known on Instagram with a murderous comment against the star consultant of the TNT channel.

I am very objective too, Charles Barkley is right. LeBron wasn’t drafted by a team with Shaquille O’Neal like Kobe Bryant. The Cavaliers never found a Scottie Pippen over LeBron’s first 8 seasons because he was too good to be that high in the draft. PS: Charles was drafted on a team with Dr.J, Moses Malone and 2 other Hall of Famers.

Richard Jefferson has come out to defend his former teammate LeBron James! According to him, it is unfair to fall on the King and the massive recruitment of his teams, especially at the beginning of his career, because he was not really helped by his leaders. In fact, the only time he played with a high draft pick selected by Cleveland (Kyrie Irving), he got an unexpected title against the Warriors dynasty!


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