“At number 1, I have LeBron James”: Shaquille O’Neal Endorses NBA GOAT Opinion that Might Trigger Michael Jordan Fans

LeBron James

NBA historians have been on a long quest to find whether Michael Jordan or LeBron James is the ‘greatest of all time.’ Analysts, former stars, and fans have been giving their take on the GOAT debate for years. Though most of the people from MJ’s generation consider him to be GOAT, folks from LeBron’s time beg to differ. When it comes to answering the debate, NBA stars tend to be diplomatic. However, an NBA legend has now endorsed a view that might not sit well with the fans of the Chicago Bulls legend.


One of the all-time NBA greats, Shaquille O’Neal, once opined that MJ is the greatest. However, O’Neal’s latest Instagram story tends to contradict his old take. It seems like the big man has agreed with someone who regards LeBron to be the greatest.

Shaquille O’Neal apparently endorses LeBron James as the GOAT

As LeBron James has a stronger fanbase among the current generation, a young content creator, whose IG handle goes by ‘kaanoman03’ has recently picked King James as the number one in a list of NBA’s top 10 greatest players. According to kaanoman03’s reel, Jordan is just behind LeBron James on the list. Triggering the fans of Michael Jordan, Shaquille O’Neal has shared ‘kaanoman03’s reel on his Instagram Story.


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According to the reel, the Lakers legend Kareem Abdul Jabbar is at the fifth spot while Shaquille O’Neal is one place above ‘The Captain’. “At number 3 I have the Balck Mamba, Kobe Bryant. At number two I have Michael Jordan, and number one, the GOAT LeBron James,” the content creator said in the reel.

The content creator has already been facing the music from MJ’s fans. Moreover, numerous NBA fans have taunted the content creator by commenting his judgment was not of a seasoned NBA fan. However, DJ Diesel has shared the take on his story and this will bring in more attention from MJ fans.

Popular takes on the GOAT debate

Though Shaq shared the infamous top 10 reel, he had earlier agreed that MJ was ahead of LBJ. However, other legends like Magic Johnson and Kevin Durant chose to be diplomatic with their takes on the debate. According to the Lakers legend, James was the best all-around basketball player, and Jordan was the greatest of all time. Durant, however, had opined that the debate is useless as both of them will never play against each other.

After his retirement, the Big Aristotle established his reputation as an NBA analyst. Fans love to listen to Shaq analyzing the sport as much as they loved watching him play. However, now that Shaq has contradicted his own view and sided with LeBron, he might face flak from triggered Michael Jordan fans.

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