An old video of Kobe out of the boxes: A young Black Mamba performed in Asia in 98 (video)

Kobe Bryant was in the Philippines after his second NBA season in 1998. He was already a star and he always put the misery to the ball defenses in hand.


Kobe Bryant didn’t wait to be an NBA champion to be an icon. With his attitude, his determination and his skills, the young man was spotted in his first season in the league. By challenging the best. Including Michael Jordan. And in 1998, at age 20, the Los Angeles Lakers back was already a star touring the Philippines. Rare images that have resurfaced.

The Asian country is passionate about basketball. To the point of installing playgrounds in shopping centers. And so it is in front of a crowd that has come en masse that Kobe Bryant shows the extent of his talent. Faced with lambda opponents. Crossovers, big dunks … everything goes. It was undoubtedly a promotional tour with adidas, its first sponsor.

And it’s always nice to see the Black Mama in action again. Even for such futile confrontations.


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