Allen Iverson explains his choice for the GOAT: « Jordan is the best for me. I don’t bring Lebron into the conversation »

Allen Iverson

Also with Shannon Sharpe and Al Harrington, Allen Iverson talked to the Shay Shay Club about his All-Time ranking. We know his friendship with Lebron James, his rivalry with Kobe Bryant and his fanaticism for Michael Jordan. Nevertheless, he had to make his choice.


By dint of asking him the question, Allen Iverson gets a little lost in his choices. Indeed, the player had already changed his mind in the past. For this time, he chooses Michael Jordan. It is rather the player who speaks, than the basketball fan. As a competitor, he could see how the 3 were fierce competitors because even when he is close to retirement, Lebron James has a monstrous level at the approach of the 2000s and MJ is still there at the end of the 90s. It always comes down to the same thing, hard to rank for players. They need to smell that blood, rather than rely on their TV or stats. And then it’s hard not to vote for your favorite player:

« He [Jordan] was the best for me. I don’t bring Lebron into the conversation because I love him so much as a person and a player. Me and Michael Jordan don’t have that relationship that I have with Lebron. But those three Lebron, Mike and Kobe, I’ve never seen better. I’ve never seen a stronger player than those three. »


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