Al Harrington « Michael Jordan Came Up In An Era Where Evrybody Hated Each Other… LeBron James Has Dominated An Era Of His Littl Bro »

Michael Jordan

When it comes to the GOAT debate, everyone has different reasons as to why Michael Jordan or LeBron James deserves that title.


For former NBA player Al Harrington, Jordan gets the edge over LeBron because of the different eras they played in.

“Michael Jordan came up in an era where everybody hated each other, » Harrington said on the I Am Athlete podcast. « They did not f*** with each other, was no homeboys in the offseason, was no, ‘Let’s go to the clubs in the summer and go holler at some chicks.’ It was none of that… When they played, it was war. LeBron has dominated an era of his little bros. They all his little bros, everybody. Who he had it with? Who? What star has LeBron had it with? What team has LeBron had it with?”

When former NFL wide receiver Brandon Marshall brought up the Boston Celtics, Harrington dismissed that notion and pointed to how Draymond Green and LeBron are on good terms as well. He then spoke about Jordan’s relationship with some of his contemporaries.

« Put Isiah (Thomas) in this chair (and) ask him what he thinks about Michael Jordan. He’d be like, ‘If he died, I wouldn’t care.’ Ask Larry Bird what he thinks about Michael Jordan. Ask any of these stars what they think about LeBron, (they’d say), ‘Oh, that’s a homie!' »

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There are others who have brought up this difference in the eras that MJ and LeBron played in. The players just get along so much better now, and while Harrington made it clear that he isn’t saying that players of today don’t compete on the court, he thinks it’s just not the same as before when a lot of them hated each other.

Has the fact that LeBron is on good terms with so many stars helped him gain an advantage on the court? It is really hard to say because it is all subjective. One can also debate just how many really hated Jordan back in the day. The Isiah Thomas-led Detroit Pistons surely did, but, at the same time, the likes of Charles Barkley got along very well with him.

Who Is The GOAT? Michael Jordan Or LeBron James?

We recently tried our hand at determining just who is the GOAT between Jordan and LeBron, and here was the outcome of that.

Jordan won a whole lot more awards and accolades than LeBron, and in a full comparison between the two of them in various categories, Jordan beat out James 7-2. It is why we believe MJ is the greatest, but the race isn’t over yet by any means. LeBron can surpass Jordan if he wins two more championships and a couple more accolades. It would be unrealistic for any player in their 20th year to accomplish those things moving forward, but LeBron is more than capable of doing it.

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