Al Harington « LeBron James is the goat hands down. Over Jordan, Maagic, Bird. He’s the greatest all around basketball player of All Time « 

LeBron James

Every sports fan has their pick for the greatest player of all time. In the world of basketball, however, there are two main choices: LeBron James and Michael Jordan. While you can make a case for either man to claim the title, Al Harrington has more insight into the world of professional basketball than your average fan.


On a recent podcast, the former NBA forward weighed in on the eternal question or LeBron or Michael Jordan. Harrington picked the former, hailing him as “the best player” ever.

LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan

Before launching into any debate, it’s important to establish the facts. One thing that everyone can agree on, however, is Michael Jordan and LeBron James’ status as two of the greatest basketball players ever.

Why Al Harrington favors LeBron James

“LeBron is the best player because you talk about the best basketball player and not just the best killer instinct,” Harrington explained. “The fact he can play all five positions, and he has done this s–t for 17 years consistently with no drop off at any time.”

Despite James’ all-around dominance, Harrington still had to hedge his bets. If he needed one player to build around, it would still be Jordan.

“If you ask me if I want to start an organization and I need a bad motherf—er, I’m going with Mike,” Harrington continued. “Outside of that, it’s LeBron hands down over Magic, Bird, and all of them.”


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