« After watching the Redeem Team – don’t EVER forget, we will never honor any basketball list where Kobe isn’t top 5 » – Jamal Crawford

Jamal Crawford breaks down what makes Kobe Bryant top 5 player of all-time.


Most media guys don’t think of Kobe Bryant as one of the five best players ever. But it seems like most players do, at least according to Jamal Crawford.

His competitiveness set him apart

A lot of players will tell you that actually played against him. His mentality, his competitiveness; it set him apart.

Jamal Crawford, Club Shay Shay

Looking at Crawford’s list, the thing that stands out is that Kobe is the only guy there with only one regular-season MVP award. That’s something Shannon Sharpe – host of « Club Shay Shay » – also pointed out, as any other media member would. But from the players’ perspective, that isn’t the way to measure greatness — especially considering the award’s voting system.

MVP is kinda man-made. Your peers are the ultimate respect and the ultimate bar for how they feel about you.

Jamal Crawford, Club Shay Shay

The eye test doesn’t lie

Most of Kobe’s peers would put him on their Top 5 lists, and they wouldn’t base their decision solely on numbers as most pundits do. That’s Crawford’s point as well. Greatness isn’t just about stats nor about the number of accolades – especially when deciding between the best of the best. That is why so many players mention Kobe’s mentality as his best quality. That alone would be a difference-maker no matter who you want to compare him to in any ranking system.

If you look at the tape, you look and any era, I believe Kobe would’ve been dominant in every single era. His competitiveness and work ethic alone would’ve separated him from a lot of guys.

Jamal Crawford, Club Shay Shay

Kobe often gets overlooked when talking about the NBA’s all-time greats. It’s good to know his peers do everything they can to preserve his legacy. At the end of the day, they are the ones whose opinions matter the most.

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