A former player turns around Vanessa Bryant (Photos)

Widow for nearly a year and a half, Vanessa Bryant has so far not shown the will to remake her life with another man than Kobe. However, some Internet users suspect a former teammate of Vino to try his luck with the mother of the family!


Time and countless tributes do not change anything in many fans. A year and a half after the tragedy that took him alongside his daughter, Gianna, and seven other victims, the pain born from the disappearance of Kobe Bryant remains alive in the hearts of much of the NBA world. The recent heartbreaking words on the subject from Lakers owner Jeanie Buss illustrate this perfectly.

Since then, the basketball world is still trying to honor the memory of one of its greatest icons. The WNBA made sure of this during its last All-Star Game, held last Wednesday in Las Vegas. For the occasion, Vanessa Bryant and her daughters had made the trip to Nevada, and found an old acquaintance in the stands of the Michelob Ultra Arena.

Coach and general manager of the Los Angeles Sparks franchise, Fisher was logically also keen to attend the event. However, the presence of the former Lakers point guard a few inches from Vanessa did not necessarily please the web.

The Internet users have made the connection with previous rumors, according to which the widow of the Mamba would have been quickly coveted by players following the death of Kobe. The posture of D-Fish would therefore constitute a sufficient clue to accuse him of such an act.


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