8 years ago, Kobe Bryant gave a lesson of courage to the basketball planet (video)

On April 12, 2013, Kobe Bryant fell, grimacing. That day, he got up, walked and then fired his two free throws. Despite a ruptured Achilles tendon …


« It’s just terrible… it’s a terrible feeling man. » Los Angeles’ victory tasted bitter April 12, 2013. The Lakers lost Kobe Bryant, and for good this time. While spending less than 5 minutes per game on the bench lately, after scoring 47 points in 48 minutes two days ago against Portland, the Black Mamba suffered a serious injury at the start of the third. quarter time. As usual, the hero of the Lakers first stayed on the field to continue to help his people.

Three minutes from the end of the match, Kobe Bryant worsened his injury before leaving for good. According to ESPN, the franchise immediately voiced its fears: Achilles tendon rupture. The player did not want to be reassuring after the meeting:

« I can’t walk, I tried to apply pressure, but there was nothing left. I did this movement a million times. »

The kind of injury that would break even the greatest warriors like Kobe Bryant. The player will have an MRI in the morning. In the meantime he already knows what to expect:

« MRI, operation, rehabilitation … »

The season is already over for Kobe Bryant. He who was thought unbreakable and eternal could miss up to a year of competition. The careers of Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal ended with this type of injury. But for the Black Mamba nothing is ever really finished:

« I’ve never had to deal with this kind of injury. It’s a new experience for me. There are a lot of players who have had this kind of injury so all I can do is take them out. observe in order to return to good health as quickly as possible.  »

« When a player gets hurt like that at this point in his career people say he’ll never be the same. I can hear them already and it gets me drunk just to think about it. »

Pau Gasol also had tears in his eyes when talking about the injury of his great friend, so often hard on him but so grateful for the contribution of the Spaniard. Kobe supported the native of Barcelona during the difficult times this season so necessarily, the leader of the Iberian team was moved after the match:

« It’s so hard … he doesn’t deserve it, it’s unfair … »

The Lakers’ qualification in the playoffs was his cause. Kobe Bryant has always believed in it and gave everything for his frankness, even if it means playing with a sprained ankle or a displaced bone in the foot. This time, he will no longer be able to play. But he intends to continue to support his own from the sidelines:

« I will always be there. I will help them as much as possible from the sidelines. »


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