4 Reasons LeBron does not have the Kobe Mentality

LeBron has a completely different mentality than Kobe Bryant. The Kobe Bryant mentality is definitely not for everyone, but it is successful. Here are just a few examples of how LeBron does not possess their mentality…


4. Scoring

Kobe and Jordan would take every shot. Those two were always in the hunt for the scoring title. LeBron not so much. He’s not the type to force up a bunch of shots and overlook an open teammate.

3. More Laid Back And Playful

Jordan and Kobe were all business, all the time. LeBron is more laid back and one of the guys, he even takes trips and hang out with teammates and players on other teams. Kobe and Jordan weren’t those type of players.

2. Pass First

Maybe one of the league’s best ever. He even voluntarily played point guard this season. Jordan and Kobe would never do that.

1. Super Team Mentality

LeBron has more of a Super Team Mentality. Where Jordan and Kobe wanted total control. They weren’t looking to team up with the league’s best players, they were looking to beat them.

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