35-year-old Michael Jordan’s statistics prove he was far superior to LeBron James at the same age

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan at age 35 was something else. He won 5 honors and remains the only player to do so in a single season. LeBron James who?


LeBron James might be entering his 20th season and while his longevity reigns supreme, he was not close to Michael Jordan’s dominance at age 35.

He left the league when he turned 30 and after a two-year hiatus he marked his comeback in an iconic manner with the iconic “I’m back” facsimile. So, what did MJ do when he came back? He dominated, of course.

He went and did a three-peat again. Despite his age, there was no slowing him down. In fact, we think his 1998 season, when he was 35 might be one of the greatest of all time.

It is difficult to stay in the league as a 35-year-old let alone go and dominate every sphere of the game. Just ask any athlete today, when they turn the page on age 33, things change.

While the recent crop of superstars has pushed the boundaries of longevity, Michael was already doing it, nearly three decades ago.

35-year-old Michael Jordan was far superior to LeBron James, the numbers just prove it all.

Well, he repeated this feat a whopping FOUR times. Once when he was at a ripe old age of 35. Yes, thirty-five! He was simply unstoppable that year.

While fans might be in awe of LeBron’s 20th season, where he looks like he is in prime shape, let’s not forget the GOAT did it before.

And the recent pomp and show around Stephen Curry are warranted, however, he is still a full year younger than MJ when the latter pulled this feat off.

What do you think? Was 35-year-old Michael Jordan the most remarkable veteran ever? Will any player ever reach that status in their 35th year? Let us know and stay tuned to this space for more stories on Michael Jordan from our vaults.

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