19 years ago Kobe pulled up to Game 4 of the NBA Finals in a Jordan jersey (images)

Let’s do a fun #TBT and look back at the time Kobe wore a Jordan jersey to Game 4 of the 2002 NBA Finals, the night the Los Angeles Lakers swept the New Jersey Nets to win their third straight NBA title.


Throwback jerseys were a big thing back then and Kobe loved it, as he broke out special ones for each NBA Finals game that year. We’ll get into those other ones in a bit. First let’s look at the Jordan one. It made sense he picked Jordan’s jersey that night because Kobe was going for his first three-peat, something Jordan had done in his career, of course.

We start with Kobe enjoying a pregame hamburger (because why not?) while wearing Jordan’s jersey and warmup jacket.

Kobe apparently had no fears about spilling ketchup on that white jersey and jacket. He was fearless both on, and off the court. What an incredible photo.

He later hung out in the locker room, getting mentally ready while still wearing the jersey:

Man, locker rooms back then were pretty bare, huh? Granted this was the away locker room in New Jersey but still, just some folding chairs?

Kobe later had his jersey hanging alongside Jordan’s:

Again, very cool to see that MJ was on his mind that night and he wasn’t afraid to show just how much this meant to him.

Next, we show Kobe getting ready for the game… with MJ in the background but still very present.

Now we fast-forward to after the game, which the Lakers won, 113-107. Kobe had 25 points in 44 minutes and then had a fun time celebrating with a cigar, much like Jordan did after his titles:


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