11 years ago today, one of the most thrilling endings to a playoff game (video)

It’s for moments like these that we love the playoffs. It’s for moments like these that we love the NBA. To go from happiness to despair in a few seconds, from disgust to admiration in the same lapse of time and to feel your heartbeat accelerate to end up breathless, a smile or an involuntary grin drawn on your face.


The Lakers, dominant for most of the game, had let the Suns of a sumptuous Steve Nash come back to equality, on a miraculous 3-pointer of Jason Richardson, before Ron Artest, guilty of a huge error of judgement only one minute before, came to give the victory to his team at the buzzer, by recovering an airball of Kobe Bryant. You have to see the money time of this pivotal Game 5 which changes so much…


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